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Dear readers,

For the first half of 2018, binder Neckarsulm showed similarly strong figures to those for the same period of last year – a terrific achievement. Moreover, I am affirmed in my internationalisation strategy by the consistently positive results of our subsidiaries.

The imminent start of construction on our new building shows that we have our eye on, and want to actively shape, the future. To succeed at this, we must fulfil various demands. On the one hand, a pragmatic approach is necessary to ensure efficient production and logistics. On the other, the building’s stylish facade will elevate our public image to a new level.

This year’s sales and management meeting in Constance likewise marked a new level of development, in particular due to the separation of the meeting’s content into these two respective areas. What distinguishes us at binder and sets us apart from other companies is the ‘family feeling’ that pervades the firm. We know each other, we understand each other, we trust each other. Put simply: the meeting was good, Constance was good.

This edition informs you about the restart of binder’s idea management as well as current developments at binder ITZ, and brings you updates from the USA, Hungary and Austria. In addition, we are launching a new and fascinating series of articles on our company history.



Markus Binder

General Manager


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