M16 - IP67 EMV


M16 IP67 with shielding


Recent years have seen a significant increase in the demands placed on the speed and security of signal transmission in industrial connectors. As a consequence, these connectors are now also expected to offer much better properties such as interference immunity and emitted interference. Satisfying these stringent EMC criteria means ensuring that there is an exceptionally conductive connection running from the cable shield, via the connector housing and locking, all the way to the device. Ideally, the shield should be present at more than just a few points: it should offer 360° shielding.

The Binder Series 423/723 connectors, part of the company's M16 connector product group featuring an IP67 degree of protection, live up to precisely these requirements. The wide range of models available – including straight as well as angled designs and various connection technologies such as soldering, crimping and screw terminals – offer outstanding EMC properties as well as extremely high shielding attenuation values. Not only that, but these compact components are highly robust, enabling them to take even demanding applications in their stride.


Key features:

·         High shielding attenuation

·         Exceptional protection against electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields

·         Range of shield connection options

·         IP67 degree of protection

·         2 to 24-pole designs

·         Various models available to suit almost any application

·         Crimping, soldering and screw terminal connection technologies