M12 8-Pole, Two-Part Receptacles with Angled Dip-Solder Contacts

M12_EBS_8pol gewinkelt Tauchlöt

M12 8-pole, two-part built-in connectors with angled dip-solder contacts

Given that 8-pole M12 connector is continuously increasing its market share, Binder is now extending its range of 4- and 5-pole angled connectors to include an 8-pole version. This allows a flat arrangement of the printed circuit board (pcb) in the unit.

The contact insert snaps onto the printed circuit board (pcb) according to the field-proven principle, and the wave-soldering process used to makes the contacts. The printed circuit board (pcb) is then assembled inside the unit, where the connector bodies are pushed through the screw-in housing. An optional shielding sheet provides the contact between the housing and the printed circuit board (pcb).

An 8 x 1 o-ring can be used where required to make the seal between the housing and the contact insert (this is not included in the scope of delivery, however, and must be ordered separately).