813 series - M12 DC Connectors for POWER with T-Coding


T-Coded M12 DC-Connectors for POWER       


For the power supply in networks usually 7/8 inch RD 24 and M23 circular or rectangular connectors are used. As these are fairly big and therefore require quite a lot of space Binder searched for solutions to make the worldwide proven M12 connectors work as power connectors. This is realized by putting 1,5 mm contacts inside the M12 connectors with the new and normed coding. The new coding avoids mismating with other M12 versions. Instead of 4 A as before now 12 A at 60 V DC can be transferred. In that way the 4 pole version offers the option of transferring two voltages. Due to the gold plated contacts the resistance is < 3 mΩ. The connectors fulfill IP 67 when mated and locked correctly. In that way it is possible to realize any kind of connection in the field of automation technology no matter if signals, data or power need to be transferred via an M12 connection.

Currently field wire able male and female cable connectors with screw clamp contacts for cable diameters from 8 to 10 mm with 1,5 mm² wire cross section are available. These are delivered with plastic housing and die cast locking ring. The locking ring also offers the option of applying a pre-defined torque via the integrated hexagon contour with the aid of a torque key. The torque key is available as an accessory.

Also corresponding panel mount parts with M20 x 1,5 fixing threads and screw clamp contacts are on offer. In the adaptor housing made of nickeled die cast zinc a pre-mounted insulation sleeve protects against short circuits. Here also the connection of cables or single wires with cross sections of up to 1,5 mm² are possible. Depending on certain demand quantities customer specific cable assemblies can be offered, too. Further enlargements of the product range will be realized shortly.